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What to bring

Clothing – Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that will not restrict movement.  Cargo pants, capris, or mid-thigh length shorts work great.  Layering works good if the weather turns cold.  We recommend bringing a light base layer (such as a t-shirt), then one or more insulating layers and perhaps a windbreak, depending on the season.  Be sure to wear footwear you are comfortable hiking and scrambling in, for approaching climbs.

Food and water – Food is not provided, so be sure to bring enough for the day.  We also recommend you bring at least two liters of water per person for a full day trip.

Gear – Bring a daypack for carrying food, water, camera, sunscreen, etc.  If you do not have one we can provide a pack for you.  We also supply all necessary climbing equipment, unless you prefer to use your own.

Required Forms

All participants must sign a waiver and medical release before we climb.  Minors will need these signed by their parent or legal guardian.  The forms can be downloaded (Indemnities Form) or they can be provided when you arrive.

Climbing Schedule

Half-day trips are approximately four hours long, meeting at the time of your choosing.

Full-day trips are approximately seven hours long.

Age Concerns

A day of rock climbing is the perfect family activity, and is something the kids will love telling their friends about.  We have specialised equipment for small children, and commonly take kids as young as four out climbing.  As for a maximum age, if you can still make it up a ladder, there is plenty in Montagu you can climb. Our oldest person was 76 and his sister was was 65!


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.